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Post-Wedding – George Clooney & Amal Alamuddin

by Robon September 30, 2014
1. George Clooney & Amal Alamuddin Step Out For First Time Post-Wedding Here are George Clooney and Amal Alamuddin causing quite a stir as they step out and boldly continue to exist following their wedding ceremony. It’s weird how something momentous can happen — you turn a year older or you marry some actor from “ER”– […]


Butterfly fails to faze Flautist

by Robon September 30, 2014

Dropping Gun In front of people

by Robon September 30, 2014

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Angels born in US President families

by Robon September 30, 2014
A. Chelsea Clinton tweets first pic of baby Charlotte: Will she be raised Jewish?   “At 7:03 PM on September 26th, we finally met Charlotte. We’re in love,” Clinton’s tweet says of baby born to Methodist mother and Jewish father. The birth of the baby raises the question: Will baby Charlotte be raised Jewish? Mezvinsky is Jewish, […]

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Did you know Pirates of the Caribbean was filmed at Niagara Falls?

by Robon September 30, 2014
        1. Did you know Niagara Falls is the collective name for three water Falls that overlap the international borders of Canada and New York?          2. You are almost always guaranteed to see a rainbow if you’re on the Canadian side of the Falls. To capture this beautiful phenomenon […]

Accidental Inventions You Won’t Believe

by Daveon September 28, 2014
In an era of constant innovation and discovery, we may not realize that most inventions take years to develop. But sometimes, all it takes is an accident. Here are 10 inventions we’d never be able to enjoy if not for an apparent mistake.   LSD The Psychedelic Nature of LSD Lysergic acid diethylamide, also known as […]

This Woman Is Almost 100, But She Is Living Life To The Fullest. She Is Epic.

by Daveon September 28, 2014
When her husband passed away eighteen years ago, Mary Lou Mahaney, then 72, found herself with a lot of alone time on her hands. She always wanted to travel, but her husband was never into the idea. “But after his passing,” Mahaney, a retiree from Silver Spring, MD, says, “I decided that I had to […]


Laugh to the Extreme Watching the Creativity of 2 Bored Employees

by Daveon September 27, 2014
Two bored employees thought of creating something that’s extremely entertaining to change the mood of their office, naming their hilarious creation “Desk Safari”. Ben Robinson and Mike Whiteside thought of saving animals’ photos as their computers’ backgrounds but previously cropping their heads from the photos, and then picturing other employees in the office aligning their […]
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The Most Hilarious Puns and Jokes Ever

by Zaraon September 27, 2014
We all get those times where we need to laugh the most, and we are all addicted to those puns and jokes which totally change our mood, and so here are many hilarious jokes and puns that will make you chuckle to the extreme, but they are funnily displayed in pictures, enjoy .!!         […]
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Aliens or humans Watch these Cranky and Whimsical faces of Sports’ Players

by Zaraon September 27, 2014
Sports playing takes the most of your muscles, such an extreme hard work of the body muscles and mind focus makes you do expressions that you would never believe that you’d ever see on your face, here are many photos of players with the weirdest face expressions and movements ever, that you’d think they aren’t […]


Proves that there is God!!

by Robon September 27, 2014
1. Eight limbed boy : A baby boy born with eight limbs in Uganda is said to be “recovering well” after undergoing major surgery to remove his “parasitic twin.” 2. Deepak Kumar named “Octoboy” says: I want to be normal  Little Deepak Kumar Paswaan from India can finally laugh and play like any other eight-year […]
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Funny Memes on Presidents of USA!!

by Robon September 25, 2014